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SNANA Orange face scrub gently exfoliates, smoothens and lightens tan from the very first use. A Powerful combination of natural skin toning orange peel extracts and Orange oil , the effective exfoliating action of rice flour and moisturizing cocoa butter gives fresh and glowing skin. This amazing scrub removes impurities and dead skin cells with its gentle exfoliating properties, soothes and moisturizes skin for a smooth texture and the powerful orange oil brightens up the face from first usage.

Apply a minuscule amount to wet face. Scrub gently over the wet skin till sugar crystals dissolve completely. wash away for an instant bright and smooth face. Can be used twice a week.

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Makes skin smooth on the first use
Removes dry rough patches
Helps in fading acne scars
Almond oil, Rice bran oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, sugar, kaolin clay, cocoa butter, sweet orange peel oil, e wax , Vitamin E, Natural preservative.


37 reviews for Orange Face Scrub in

  1. snana-store

    The combination of kaolin clay, rice powder, and vitamin C-rich orange oil in this face scrub is genius! My skin looks soft and supple. 😍

  2. Tina Joseph

    This orange face scrub is amazing! 🧑 It left my skin feeling so smooth and the orange oil really helped to brighten up my complexion.

  3. Naina Nair

    I’ve been looking for a natural face scrub and this one is perfect! The combination of kaolin clay, rice powder, and orange oil really helps to improve my skin. πŸ‘

  4. Sneha Menon

    This face scrub smells so good! The natural orange fragrance is so refreshing and uplifting.

  5. Elza Mathew

    I’ve been using this face scrub for a few weeks now and my skin looks amazing! The kaolin clay and rice powder really help to get rid of impurities, while the orange oil provides a nice glow.

  6. Rukhsa

    snana orange face scrub is my new favorite! vitamin C-rich orange oil brightened up my complexion.

  7. Deepthi Sasi

    perfect texture. It’s not too rough, but still gets the job done.

  8. Kavya Rajeev

    skin’s brightness and clarity is improved since using this face scrub.

  9. Lekha Menon

    The orange fragrance in this face scrub is so refreshing and invigorating. It’s the perfect

  10. Shahina Rahman

    Happy to find this face scrub! It’s made such a difference in my skin’s texture and appearance.

  11. Reenu Thomas

    I really like this face scrub 😍

  12. Nilofer Shah

    The Vit C rich orange oil in this face scrub smells amazing! I love using it as part of my self-care routine.

  13. Sheeba George

    Little bit goes a long way. Tiny quantity for one time wash. 😍

  14. Ananya Nair

    I’ve been using this face scrub for a few months now and my skin has never looked better. The natural ingredients really make a difference.

  15. Nandhini Nair

    This scrub smells so good that I almost don’t want to wash it. Orangyy😍

  16. Roshna K.G.

    At first i didnt know it has to be used weekly once. I used it daily. Face glows like anything. Good gentle product. No harm even if you use daily. i used daily for around 2 years. Skin is so clear and smooth jus by using one product. This is magical.

  17. Asha Chandran

    Good for a regular effectivecleanup 🧑

  18. Bhavani Sankar

    Removes tans and darkness if you have damaged skin

  19. Fatima Hamza

    Snana orange face scrub is the only product is use to control whiteheads and blackheads. Small jar lasts for more than a year. I refrigerate it and use. Best product from snana!!!

  20. Ann Mary Abraham

    The orange essential oil in this face scrub is so lovely! It’s like having a mini spa treatment at home.πŸ‘

  21. Sarah John

    Bougt it from exhibition hearing that this face scrub is all natural and contains only natural ingredients likecocoa butter, kaolin clay, rice powder, and vitamin C-rich orange oil. It’s the perfect combination for healthy skin. It works well.🧑

  22. Zeba Rahman

    My skin feels so refreshed and clean after using this face scrub. The natural ingredients really make a difference.πŸ‘

  23. Nasreen Nizar

    I love using this face scrub in the morning. The orange fragrance wakes me up and makes me feel energized.

  24. Usha Nair

    3 in one product as mentioned. cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes. no need to use 3 products. only this one works perfect. I hav cut down facials after starting snana orange scrub

  25. Hina Aziz

    Im using snana orange scrub since last 3 years.😍 Its wonderful. No skin irritations for my extra sensitive skin. Super smooth after application. I use once every 2 weeks.

  26. Haseena Rahman

    smells like orange juice

  27. Chitra Suresh

    It’s creamy and has very tiny particles for exfoliation. Too gentle on skin.. Loved the way skin feels after wash🧑

  28. Arathi Ramesh

    Clear skin guarenteeed.πŸ‘ Most underrated product from snana

  29. Farzana Ali

    I love the fresh orange aroma in this face scrub. It’s so refreshing and rejuvenating, and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.

  30. Shabana Sultana

    The orange scent in this face scrub is good for those who loves the smell of fresh oranges. It’s like having an orange grove in my bathroom!😍

  31. Shiny Varghese

    Good product. My family loves it

  32. Rose Mary Paul

    Have been a regular customer. will it be good if scrub is on tube type container. It’s much easier that way. Pls note

  33. Mridula Pillai

    This is lightweight and great for small bumbs and whiteheads and blackheads.😍 Very very gentle scrub. Thankuu snana🧑

  34. Sumayya Ali

    The combination of kaolin clay, rice powder, and vitamin C-rich orange oil in this face scrub is genius! My skin looks soft and supple. 😍

  35. Naseema Koya

    Good for dry skin🧑

  36. Fathima Jaleel

    I love the way this face scrub smells! πŸ‘The natural orange fragrance is so refreshing and invigorating.

  37. Priya Thomas

    Amazing ingredients.. My skin feels so soft and looks so bright from first use.

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