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Rose Lip Balm

43 customer reviews

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A pretty Rose shade Lip balm which smells and tastes like fresh Rose petals.

Our lip balms lighten lips and brings back their natural color. It is luscious and keeps the lips moisturized and prevents them from getting chapped. We have different varieties. It’s edible grade and safe even for kids.

Organic jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, Beeswax, Vitamin E , fruit Extracts, Food color.

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  • SNANA ANGARAGA range of moisturising lip balm deeply conditions lips, giving a natural tint that stays for a long time . These lip balms are made with 100% natural and edible ingredients that are safe for children.

A blend of natural butters , oils and infusions makes these tinted lip balms bursting with flavour and moisture to keep your lips moist, delicately coloured and lightly scented throughout the day .

Use these moisturizing lip balms throughout the day to drench your lips with a humectant rich balm and stain them with a natural tint.


  • A visible tint of beautiful pink rose
  • Best shade loved by kids
  • Smells like fresh Rose
  • Deeply Moisturizing
  • Lightens pigmented lips
  • Prevent lips from chapping
  • Helps hydrate & nourish the skin of lips and cheeks, add lustrous sheen.
  • Made from natural pigments, Free from harmful chemicals, silicones, synthetic film-formers & parabens.
  • Lip, cheek tint

How to Use

  • For lips- You can directly apply the Lip Balm on your lips. Dab and blend the LipBalm with fingertips for lighter tint. Apply directly for building up shade.
  • For cheeks- Dab and blend with fingertips onto the apples of your cheeks and gently blend it out along the cheekbones. Can be layered for more intense color.


Avoid keeping it under direct sunlight or warm places.


43 reviews for Rose Lip Balm

  1. Shweta Soman

    Im grateful to snana that i can give my make up savvy my daughter (aged 4) your lipbalms. She loves the rose shade. She literally snacks on it. 😃

  2. Seema Patel

    I love the subtle color that these tinted Snana lip balms provide. They’re perfect for a natural, everyday look. Favourite is Rose

  3. Sija Elsa Mathew

    The only eatable lipstick product in market . Happy to know SNANA and to be a regular user.

  4. Bhavana P.S

    “I use the shade Rose. Pretty pink it is. I appreciate that these Snana Lip balms are cruelty-free. 👍
    & Not tested on animals. 🤩”

  5. Divya Mohan

    I use the ones- Spicey and Rose. Good lipbalm. 👌🏼 Helped to improve the texture of my lips.

  6. Fathima Anwar

    I really appreciate the care and attention to detail that goes into making these Snana Lip balms. It’s clear that Snana Naturals puts a lot of love into their products. Lipbalms and scrubs are my favourite. 😊👍

  7. Jincy James

    I love that these Snana Lip balms are made with all-natural ingredients. It makes me feel good to know that I’m using a product that’s good for my lips and good for my health. I use Raw mango, Rose and Berry Burst

  8. Jyothi K Menon

    My favourite. I have 4 of them. All are my favourites. 😍 These lipbalms are real magic.

  9. Kavya R Madhav

    Snana Rose Lip balms are good for those who wants a natural, understated lip look.👌🏼 They provide just the right amount of color without being too bold.

  10. Haleema

    I really appreciate the fact that these Snana Lip balms are eco-friendly. It’s great to know that the packaging is recyclable. I love Berry and Rose and use them almost everyday to work. 🤗

  11. Hana Kader

    These Lip balms are so easy to apply! They glide on smoothly and evenly. Great as cheek tint

  12. Anumaya

    The scents of these Snana Lip balms are so lovely. I love the subtle hints of Rose petals and cocoa butter.

  13. Lekshmi Nair

    Overall, I’m really impressed with these tinted Lip balms from Snana Naturals. 😍👌🏼They’re high-quality, all-natural, and provide just the right amount of color and moisture. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great tinted Lip balm!

  14. Lincy Joseph

    Addictive lipbalms. Really better than any lipstick out there.

  15. Meera TK

    The formula for these Snana Lip balms is so lightweight and non-greasy. They’re a joy to wear!

  16. Megha Mohan

    I love the shades Berry and Rose. These are long-lasting, so I don’t have to worry about reapplying them constantly throughout the day.

  17. Anagha Devi

    In Bangalore’s weather, I no longer use lipsticks. One Tube of snana lipbalm lasts me 2 years. Super economical

  18. Geethu Joseph

    Using Rose and Berry burst shades since 2 years. I use it on my eyeshadows and cheeks when i need to glam up.

  19. Anisha S

    Good. Really good shades and consistency.

  20. Anjana Thomas

    Pls dont ever stop this. This is magic. 😍 I own 5 shades. Peach, Rose, Carmel, Berry burst and wild rose. All are equally good.

  21. Anju Rajan

    Bring a red shade pls. Using Rose lipbalm from snana naturals since ages 👌🏼

  22. Anumol K. Manoharan

    The best thing snana has done is to bring us edible lipbalms 👍

  23. Aparna TJ

    i trust only snana lipbalms for my angels. They smack on it

  24. Mini Joseph

    Kidilan product. Nothing comparable to these are available on market

  25. Nandini S

    The texture of your lip balms is so smooth and silky, and they feel great on my lips.

  26. Amisha Soman

    Lasts over more than 2 years. color becomes better with time

  27. Nisha Nair

    othiri istayi lipstick ne kalum nallatha 👍

  28. Adhya K S

    Have recommended to all of my cousins and besties. We love snana lippies.

  29. Parvathy Nair

    I got it from an exhibition stall at trivandrum. was quite skeptical as there are many brands selling lipbalms and say they heal chapped lips and all. i have dry chapped lips around the year.. bought one and now i have all the shades. Rose is my favourite. Yet to try the new one- Peach. These are irresistable and too good. 🥰Love SNANA

  30. Pooja Mathew

    Highly recommended. Lipbalm best is Rose for me. Gifted MIL Berry on Arya ma’am’s suggestion and it’s a winner! She uses serums and now updates me on new launches. Superhappy with snana.

  31. Prameela Devi

    Tried it once and never got back to any brands. #Loyal2snana

  32. Kavya S Nair

    My kids love snana and i always gift a new shade on their birthdays. Make more natural makeup products pls

  33. Akshitha K

    Not a day without snana Black Kajal and absolute best lipbalms. All time favourite.

  34. Ramya Nambiar

    “The Rose scent is so refreshing and not too overpowering.
    It’s the perfect balance of sweet and subtle.”

  35. Sheeba George

    “Its been almost a year i known about snana by Arya. 👍
    Lipbalms are just Yum! Used almost all shades. 🤗Trust this formulation. Worth each penny.”

  36. Sneha

    Guys, This is a goddamn INVESTMENT!!! Buy It!

  37. Aliya

    Love love love lipbalms from snana naturals. 👌🏼 Absolute BEST!

  38. Anam Haneef

    I’ve never been a fan of lipstick, but this lip balm has changed my mind. It’s subtle and enhances my natural lip color. 😍

  39. Faiza

    I’ve recommended this Rose lip balm to all of my friends. It’s the perfect product for anyone who wants a natural-looking lip color.

  40. Areeba Habeeb

    Saw these on Amazon. Rose and Peach i bought from there. Tried Caramel, Berry and plum once i tracked on insta page. Absolute best. Now i order from website only. 🥰Better offers everytime. ordered their deos on sale. Awaiting.🥰

  41. Arundathi Suresh

    My daughter loves Peach and Rose. I wish SNANA was there when i was a child. I have got endless beatings for stealing mom’s lipsticks. I use berry burst now and My mom, who always turned her face against lipsticks now use SNANA for festivities and special occassions. She has light lips and caramel looks great for skin tone. SNANA lipbalms are my best found buy in last decade . Absolute best!

  42. Asha George

    “Got it on offer buy 1 get 1. It’s a steal.🥰
    if one more time this offer is announced, im going to bulk order as my wedding return gift. My besties are going to love me for this . Yay!. Honestly love snana lipbalms”

  43. Mariam

    Rose is my daughters’ favourite one. She’s 5 years old and wears it on almost every function. I love that snana lipbalms are edible. 👍

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