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Aloe vera Gel 300gm

14 customer reviews

Fresh Aloevera leaf juice, xanthum gum.

Use For Face :
Wash face with a mild cleanser. Liberally apply all over the face and neck. Can be applied overnight.
For Hair :
Wash and dry hair, apply directly to scalp, and massage for few minutes.

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  1. SNANA  Aloe vera gel is 100% natural, premium quality Aloe vera gel that soothes , refreshes and moisturizes the skin . The multi-purpose Aloe vera gel carries a multitude of benefits as a skin moisturiser, prevents acne , softens hair and promotes glowing skin . From a mask , to a pre- moisturizer hydrator for skin, and from a conditioner to a setting gel for your hair this gel can really do it all.

• Moisturises dry skin.
• Reduces dandruff.
• Reduces pimples.
• Soothes sunburn.


14 reviews for Aloe vera Gel 300gm

  1. Salma Zainab

    Aloe vera gel is perfect for after-sun care.🤩 It cools and hydrates my skin, making it feel refreshed and renewed.

  2. Sanjana Krishnan

    I always keep a bottle of this aloe vera gel in my fridge for an extra cooling effect.🤩 It’s especially great for hot summer days.

  3. Sara Joseph

    The texture of this gel is so lightweight and refreshing.😍 It’s perfect for layering under other skincare products.

  4. Aditi Menon

    I love that this aloe vera gel is all-natural and free from harsh chemicals. It’s great for anyone who wants to use clean beauty products. I use it for hair. Very good

  5. Amala Nair

    I’ve been using this aloe vera gel as a hair mask and it’s worked wonders on my dry and damaged strands.

  6. Sathya Devi

    My hubby use this aloe vera gel as a shaving gel 👌🏼 and it’s made a huge difference in reducing razor burn and irritation.

  7. Seema Kumar

    I use it overnight as suggested. Magical gel.

  8. Shabna Shamsudheen

    I’ve been using this aloe vera gel as a hair gel and it works surprisingly well. It helps tame frizz and define curls.

  9. Sharmila

    Good for natural curls. Best curl gel. 👍 i also love your hir repair portion for curls

  10. Preethi

    Love this gel.I always order 300g aloegel. Lasts me for 1 whole year and its cheap

  11. Revathy R Pillai

    Nice texture 😍

  12. Saritha P

    My staple product from snana 😍

  13. Hema R

    I’ve been using this gel as an after-sun treatment and it’s been amazing. It’s cooling and has helped soothe my skin after being in sun

  14. Shilpa Ravi

    Best gel i have ever used. Better used refrigerated. 😍 Good for hair health as well

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