Kajal Round

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Weight: 8gm
Holy basil, eclipta alba, Indian borage, camphor, almonds, mulethi, arni, ajwain, ghee soot, and castor oil.
Apply using a brush or directly to your eyes and smudge it using your fingers to give a smoky touch. Smudging can be controlled by using setting powder or eyebrowΒ  pencil over Kajal.

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SNANA kajal is completely organic and homemade. It is long-lasting and made from pure ghee soot. So it doesn’t cause any irritation. It has absolutely no chemicals and is made with the goodness of castor oil, camphor, and other goodies, it is the perfect solution for those who are crazy over longer eyelashes and thicker eyebrows. Best for babies and even newborns as it is the purest form of kajal.
Provides cooling for the eyes.
Nourishes the eyes.
Promotes the growth of Eyelashes and eyebrows.
Dark black color in a single stroke.
Best for people Who are sensitive to synthetic products.
Doesn’t cause any irritation or itching.


32 reviews for Kajal Round

  1. Heera S

    No eye irritation or itching. Cool sensation

  2. Khadija

    “As a makeup artist, I recommend SNANA Kajal to all my clients with kids. πŸ‘
    It’s a safe and effective option for young skin. 🀩”

  3. Archana Ravi

    Great for new borns. No problem in washing off as well

  4. Asha Unni

    Natural solution for a perfect for achieving a bold, dramatic look.

  5. Madhurima

    I’ve tried so many kajal sticks, and this one is by far the best. It doesn’t smudge or smear.

  6. Khalida

    Good one. My everyday must have 😍

  7. Sana KT

    It really smells like home made kajals my grandmother used to make during childhood days. not going back to store brought ones again

  8. Ardra Rajan

    I appreciate that SNANA Kajal is easy to remove with gentle soap and water. It’s a hassle-free option for busy parents.

  9. Nasreen Yusuf

    SNANA Kajal is perfect for kids with sensitive skin.πŸ₯° No redness or irritation.

  10. Nafeesa Abdul

    “its the only no chemical kajal i guess..
    πŸ‘ i have tried almost all other brands”

  11. Betsy Mathew

    Herbal and safe. i use it daily on my 3 year old baby. God Bless!

  12. Raji

    A natural alternative to traditional, chemical-laden makeup options for kids. 3 generations at my home use it. 😍

  13. Sunita

    This kajal stick is amazing. It’s all-natural and stays on for hours.

  14. Shireen

    My eyes love this dark kajal. 😍 Pls make in pencil format as well.

  15. Saadia Ahmed

    Long lasting. A no nonsense product. Good for eyes

  16. Sabiha M

    My cousin sister gifted it to use it for my baby. πŸ€— Good one. I bought one for me also. 😍

  17. Aishu

    I love that SNANA Kajal is gentle enough for young eyes, but still provides a bold, dramatic look.

  18. Maya Pillai

    Excellent natural kajal. It smells like home made kajals my grandmother used to make during childhood days. I will never buy lakme or Maybelline kajal again in my life

  19. Karthika

    This is a wonderful product and I am really happy with the results; I study/practice Ayurveda and this is a great quality item. I will definitely order again and recommend it to others.

    The colour is very rich and velvety. It will smudge over the course of the day but that is the price one must sacrifice for non-chemicals in your eyes… simply wipe the excess and reapply.

  20. Arathy S

    Loving it, best part is doesn’t get smudged and doesn’t leave any stain like other kajal. Can be washed off easily

  21. Soumya T

    My favorite product from snana

  22. Silja

    I use to buy Ayurvedic kajals for my toddler. most of them stains and spreads and look black all over his face. I was fed up of applying anything on his face till i came to know about this one.
    This has a matte feeling and stays at one place.
    I use the stick one and its much convenient for me

  23. Renuka

    Wearing it daily to office. So smooth and cool feel to eyes. i love it

  24. Silja

    Have been using this since my daughter was 28 days old.
    I got this gifted by my Sister in law for babys 28 day naming ceremony.
    Adipoli product. 100% satisfied.
    now she is 1.5 years old and still no day passes by without applying kajal. Recommended

  25. Minnu Sara

    Good kajal. great for lash growth. i line the old ones on brows at night.

  26. Shamili S

    It smells like castor oil. 😍 On first use itself i realised it’s real natural as its been told. Great product!

  27. Garima Patel

    I’ve been using SNANA Kajal for a few weeks now, and I’ve noticed a difference in the overall health of my lashes.πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  28. Yasmeen Khalil

    Best in market. The pot one lasts forever. i like it more than stick one

  29. Tiji Mol

    Snana kajal is the best! I’m using this since earlier days of its launch. You can trust and buy from snana

  30. Zainab Ali

    My staple from snana. Not a morning goes without snana kajal and lipbalm πŸ‘

  31. Ramita Segal

    Good texture and cooling effect

  32. Ramita Segal

    I have been using snana kajal since 3-4 years now. Consistent quality. 😍 I love this so much that i bought kajal and Rose lipbalm in bulk from Arya directly to gift this as a token of love to my friends for my baby shower. Different and unique gift idea it was. Thank you team snana

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What is the expiry of Kajal?
Kajals are best before 24 months from the manufacturing date mentioned on the labels.

Is the Kajal smudge proof and water proof?
Our Kajal is long stay and is water resistant. However, owing to the pure Ayurvedic ingredients and herbs including Castor Oil that make it highly nourishing and emollient in nature, it is not 100% smudge proof.

Does the Kajal have any fragrance?
There is no added fragrance

Is the Kajal safe for my baby?
Yes, our Kajal is safe for babies
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