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Aloe vera Gel 100gm

34 customer reviews

Fresh Aloevera leaf juice, xanthum gum.

Use For Face :
Wash face with a mild cleanser. Liberally apply all over the face and neck. Can be applied overnight.
For Hair :
Wash and dry hair, apply directly to scalp, and massage for few minutes.

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  1. SNANA  Aloe vera gel is 100% natural, premium quality Aloe vera gel that soothes , refreshes and moisturizes the skin . The multi-purpose Aloe vera gel carries a multitude of benefits as a skin moisturiser, prevents acne , softens hair and promotes glowing skin . From a mask , to a pre- moisturizer hydrator for skin, and from a conditioner to a setting gel for your hair this gel can really do it all.

• Moisturises dry skin.
• Reduces dandruff.
• Reduces pimples.
• Soothes sunburn.


34 reviews for Aloe vera Gel 100gm

  1. Sabitha Raghavan

    SNANA aloe vera gel is amazing! It’s so soothing and has really helped calm my irritated skin.

  2. Sahira Kunju

    I love using this aloe vera gel as a moisturizer. It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue.

  3. Samira M

    I’ve been using this aloe vera gel on my acne-prone skin and it’s made a noticeable difference in reducing redness and inflammation. 👌🏼

  4. Sandhya Kumar


  5. Athira Sivadas

    I bought this at exhibition in Cochin. snana aloegel is gentle for my sensitive skin and give deep hydration.

  6. Aleena Mathew

    This aloe vera gel is a staple in my skincare routine. It helps keep my face skin clear and moisturized without clogging my pores.

  7. Reena Joseph

    This gel is perfect for on-the-go hydration. I love that I can apply it anywhere, anytime, and it’s great for refreshing my skin throughout the day.😍

  8. Hasna Shahid

    SNANA gel is the BEST NATURAL primer for my makeup and it’s been amazing. It’s helped keep my skin hydrated and has created a smooth base for my foundation.

  9. Hazel Toby

    Better than whats available on market. Cool and hydrating.👍

  10. Sarala KS

    I love that this aloe vera gel is organic and ethically sourced. It’s great to support a company that cares about sustainability and fair trade practices.

  11. Ambili Pillai

    A must-have for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. It protect and soothe skin from sun.

  12. Saramma Mathew

    This aloe vera gel has become a lifesaver for my eczema-prone skin.👍 It’s helped reduce itchiness and inflammation, without any harsh chemicals.

  13. Saranya Suresh

    I use this as a makeup primer and it works wonders. It helps my makeup go on smoothly and last longer.

  14. Hima Santosh

    I always have 3 gels at any time. I keep one in my kitchen for burns and spills. One for night routine. One in fridge for travel. Highly recommended

  15. Shalini Menon

    This aloe vera gel is a must-have for anyone who loves DIY skincare. 🤩 It’s a great base for making your own masks

  16. Nishat Farooq

    The BEST alternative to normal moisturizers for oily or acne-prone skin. 👍It’s lightweight and non-greasy.

  17. Sarika Nair

    My favourite from snana. 😍The packaging of this aloe vera gel is so convenient. easy to apply.

  18. Priya Lalan

    This gel has helped reduce the appearance of my acne scars. It’s moisturizing and has helped even out my skin tone.

  19. Sarmila Rajan

    I always bring this aloe vera gel with me when I travel. great for keeping my skin hydrated on long flights or in dry hotel rooms.

  20. Amrutha Adarsh

    Soothing and moisturising

  21. Savitha Rajendran

    cooling effect of this gel is so refreshing. It’s great for use after a workout or on a hot day.

  22. Seetha

    I love using this aloe vera gel on my cuticles. It helps keep them moisturized and healthy-looking.

  23. Treesa Elizabeth

    My daily moisturiser👍

  24. Cicy Joseph

    snana aloeveragel is great. I use for dark circles and puffiness undereyes. It’s kept my eyes refreshing and has helped brighten up my under-eye area.

  25. Selena George

    snana aloegel is great natural remedy for sunburns. It helps soothe and heal damaged skin.

  26. Sheeja Thomas

    This aloe vera gel is a great value for the price. It lasts a long time. Good product

  27. Sheena Abraham

    SNANA Aloevera gel is my all time fav. 👌🏼 Best for oily n acne prone skin. Been using it since 3 + years 😍

  28. Shinu George

    Using it since onset of COVID. I have turmed to all naturalproducts and this is the best buy from snana.

  29. Shruti Nambiar

    I’ve tried a lot of aloe vera gels in the past, but this one is by far the best. It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and absorbs quickly into my skin

  30. Jumana Farooq

    Best for dandruff. I use it weekly once as a mask. Good one! Thank you snana naturals.

  31. Athira lekshmy

    My favourite snana product is aloevera gel. 😍 Best daily moisturiser 👌🏼

  32. Sai Lakshmi

    Best for puffiness and Under eye bags. Also no more reddness if u apply it daily

  33. Anjitha Lal

    I love using this gel as a face mask. It’s soothing and refreshing, and has helped reduce my inflammation and redness.

  34. Iram Akbar

    Aloegel is amazing. i have been using it regularly for 4 years now. Have recommended to friends & relatives. They thank me for finding snana for ’em. 😍

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