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LOVE has rich floral notes of the auspicious Indian fragrant Rose with nuances of clean, fresh and intensely romantic feeling. LOVE is a sensational scent that transports you to discover the inner peace within you

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Essential oil Blend in a base of Almond oil


Apply directly on your body, skin at pulse points (neck, inside wrists, behind ears) and clothes for a refreshing of fragrance.

Dip a small piece of cotton in Aroma oil and put it in your car or your work space for being in a high energy space filled with your favourite aroma oil.

ENERGY BALANCE OILS- Your favourite aromas can uplift your energy at any point of time. GENDER NEUTRAL-This is a unisex fragrance. SUBTLE AROMA- Very subtle Aroma. If you are a person who gets uneasy with heavy scents, try these subtle aromas. UNIQUE- Our Aroma oils are distinctive, Grade A quality, and free of alcohol. SAFE FOR SKIN- Our oils are Vegan, Alcohol free, Cruelty free, Paraben free, and Phthalate free. PERFORMANCE: Each long lasting Aroma oil is crafted using premium ingredients and contains no alcohol. Make a simple statement with one, or layer and make your own spectacular blend and standout from others. PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASSION: Set for a Warm Reception Where Ever You Go.


4 reviews for Aroma Heaven

  1. Pratibha Thomas

    I even mix a few drops with carrier oil for a soothing massage – total relaxation mode activated! 💆‍♀️🌿

  2. Ameena

    I even use it as a natural air freshener – goodbye, synthetic sprays, and hello, natural goodness! 🍃💨

  3. Keerthi

    I love using it during my yoga sessions – it adds that extra touch of tranquility to my practice. 🧘‍♀️💚

  4. keerthi

    I love using it during my yoga sessions – it adds that extra touch of tranquility to my practice. 🧘‍♀️💚

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