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Esther Deodorant

Net Weight: 50gm

Esther is a melange of Rose, Geranium and Vanilla giving you the delightful floriated perfume which smells creamy and fresh. As every other deodorant from our floral set, this will not leave any white cast on your clothes and lasts all day.

Bid bye to synthetic , chemical rich deodorants and switch to 100%  Natural deodorants . Made from butters , oils and essential oil infusions, our deodorants are safe even to use on kids . The aroma lasts for 20 hours , keeping you smelling fresh throughout the day.
Apply deodorant directly onto underarms, naps of the neck, etc. Leave it on for the skin to absorb the fragrance.

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  1. Our deodorants are free from artificial perfumes , pore-clogging Aluminium , alcohol, chlorofluorocarbons and other petrochemicals. Unlike antiperspirants, our natural decodrants  do not interfere With the body’s natural  process of releasing toxins by closing the pores nor do they mask the strong fragrances of commercial decodrants but they do not make the scent from the source less effective . Choose from one of our most refreshing perfumes and keep the bad smell at bay.

Feel fresh and fragrant with our 100% natural deodorant. Unlike commercial deos, this doesn’t have any hormone altering or chemical ingredients which are harmful for the body.


Cocoa butter, Arrowroot, coconut oil, Shea butter, Fractionated coconut oil, Mix of selected natural essential oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E , Beeswax.



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