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Elon Deodorant

24 customer reviews

Net Weight: 50gm

Elon is a beautiful aroma which takes you to memory of baby breath with a mild muskiness to it. There is something nostalgic about this deo, says everyone who have already fell in love with this one.

Bid bye to synthetic , chemical rich deodorants and switch to 100%  Natural deodorants . Made from butters , oils and essential oil infusions, our deodorants are safe even to use on kids . The aroma lasts for 20 hours , keeping you smelling fresh throughout the day.
Apply deodorant directly onto underarms, naps of the neck, etc. Leave it on for the skin to absorb the fragrance.

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Our deodorants are free from artificial perfumes , pore-clogging Aluminium , alcohol, chlorofluorocarbons and other petrochemicals. Unlike antiperspirants, our natural decodrants  do not interfere With the body’s natural  process of releasing toxins by closing the pores nor do they mask the strong fragrances of commercial decodrants but they do not make the scent from the source less effective . Choose from one of our most refreshing perfumes and keep the bad smell at bay.

Feel fresh and fragrant with our 100% natural deodorant. Unlike commercial deos, this doesn’t have any hormone altering or chemical ingredients which are harmful for the body.
Cocoa butter, Arrowroot, coconut oil, Shea butter, Fractionated coconut oil, Mix of selected natural essential oil, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E , Beeswax.


24 reviews for Elon Deodorant

  1. Mahima S

    I’ve been using this deodorant for a few weeks now and it’s been amazing. It keeps me smelling fresh and clean all day, without any irritation or discomfort.

  2. Maya lakshmi

    my signature scent. Adipoli manam. Love😍

  3. Mehreen Baig

    Reduced my sweat and odor, even during the hottest days of the year. It’s effective and long-lasting.

  4. Claire

    I’m a deo hoarder. This deodorant has a great texture and goes on smoothly. It’s not sticky or greasy like some other natural deodorants I’ve tried.😍

  5. Shazia Shah

    Better than perfume. 👌🏼 Lasts whole day

  6. Shivani

    Thank you for getting deo in jar for me. I have a request. Pls change all containers to glass jars. its better for environment

  7. Mehar Ali

    This deodorant has helped reduce my underarm sweat and odor, without causing any irritation or discomfort. It’s gentle and effective.😍

  8. Ananya

    Great natural and affordable option. It’s priced reasonably and lasts a long time.

  9. Vincy George

    I’ve been using Elon deodorant for a few weeks now and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my underarm skin. It’s smoother and less irritated than before.

  10. Rasiya Ahmed

    Beautiful texture and slides on smoothly. It doesn’t leave any residue or stains on my clothes.

  11. Vandana

    Best natural deo ever 😍

  12. Vijayalakshmi

    Using snana deodorants for a few months now and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my underarm skin. It’s smoother and less irritated than before.

  13. Ishani Kumar

    The notes on fragrances are well chosen. Esther is strong for me. I’m the ELON persona. Bring more. Mainly sandal

  14. Vaishnavi S

    Saw Ahaanas video on this deo. Love ELON. It’s made with organic ingredients, safe and gentle on my skin, and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

  15. Meena P

    I use my Elon deo as solid perfume. one container lasts me approx an year. Smell doesnt fade off even then

  16. Nalini Nair

    saw this one on insta. Im happy that i tried out snana elon deodorant. AMAZING 👌🏼

  17. Vasudha

    Happy with snana deo range. 👍 My whole family loves it 👍

  18. Pallavi Roy

    I love the subtle scent of snana Elon deodorant.😍 It’s not overpowering and doesn’t clash with my perfume or other fragrances.

  19. Anisha Mohan

    Bought it first from an exhibition. It’s long lasting and amazing. have been using sincs last 3 years.

  20. Rachel

    Bought deo Elon after Ahaanas video. My hus loves English variant. Both stays whole day

  21. Vanessa Philip

    Best non toxic deo in market.. It’s free from parabens, aluminum, and other harmful chemicals.

  22. Mithra Kurup

    Baby like smell. Can’t live without this one.

  23. Bismi

    Doesn’t irritate skin. Very gentle and subtle aroma.

  24. Pooja S

    Lasts for a whole day and smells amazing.

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