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Spicey Lip Balm

20 customer reviews

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A transparent shade, extremely Moisturizing lip balm with a subtle aroma of cinnamon.

Our lip balms lighten lips and brings back their natural color. It is luscious and keeps the lips moisturized and prevents them from getting chapped. We have different varieties. It’s edible grade and safe even for kids.

Organic jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, Beeswax, Vitamin E , fruit Extracts, Food color.

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SNANA ANGARAGA range of moisturising lip balm deeply conditions lips, giving a natural tint that stays for a long time . These lip balms are made with 100% natural and edible ingredients that are safe for children.

A blend of natural butters , oils and infusions makes these tinted lip balms bursting with flavour and moisture to keep your lips moist, delicately coloured and lightly scented throughout the day .

Use these moisturizing lip balms throughout the day to drench your lips with a humectant rich balm and stain them with a natural tint.


  • Transparent shade. No color
  • Smells like spices
  • Unisex
  • Deeply Moisturizing
  • Lightens pigmented lips
  • Prevent lips from chapping
  • Helps hydrate & nourish the skin of lips and cheeks, add lustrous sheen.
  • Made from natural pigments, Free from harmful chemicals, silicones, synthetic film-formers & parabens.

How to Use

For lips- You can directly apply the Lip Balm on your lips.


Avoid keeping it under direct sunlight or warm places.

20 reviews for Spicey Lip Balm

  1. Haseena H

    “This Snana Lip balm is so moisturizing!
    👍 They’ve really helped to soothe my dry, cracked lips.”

  2. Deepika

    I love the natural ingredients in this lip balm.❤️ It keeps my lips soft and hydrated

  3. Reena

    Colourless but superhydrating

  4. Simran

    The aroma reminds me of biriyani. Good texture 🥰 ❤️

  5. Divya

    This lip balm is a must-have for me. It keeps my lips moisturized and the spicy scent is very unique.🥰 ❤️

  6. Suma

    I love this lip balm so much! It keeps my lips soft and hydrated and the spicy scent is very refreshing.

  7. Maya

    Spicey keeps my lips moisturized and the scent is very pleasant.

  8. Anamika Soman

    My husband use Spicey. For longer time I thought your tinted ones dont show color on lips like those available on market. I saw some reviews and tried on. Now i only use these. 👍 Even my husband started using Brownie shade. Colors are very pretty. My go to is Berry burst. My pigmented lips love it. 🥰Good shade . Love snana❤️

  9. Lakshmi

    I love that its made with cocoa butter. It feels so light on my lips🥰

  10. Jaya

    I’m very impressed with this lip balm. It keeps my lips soft and the spicy scent is very refreshing.

  11. Fathima Basheer

    Best one for chapped lips 👌🏽

  12. Lekshmi Nair

    Love this one. My staple lipbalm

  13. Ann Susan

    Snana angaraga range of lipbalms are far Better than Burts bees and anythig currently available on Indian market 👌🏽

  14. Sujatha

    I’m very happy with this lip balm. It keeps my lips soft. It tastes yummy.❤️

  15. Jasmine

    Super moisturising with a smell of spices

  16. Nidha

    Nice one. I like spicey🥰

  17. Gauri lekshmi S

    My quest for gentle lipbalm stopped the moment i tried snana spicey . Love it ❤️

  18. Aparna

    This lip balm is amazing👌🏽 It keeps my lips moisturized and the spicy scent is very refreshing.

  19. Asifa Khan

    I love that this Spicey Lip balm doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  20. Taslima

    Yummy it is. Heals my cracked lips well 🥰

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