Multivitamin + Silk Protein Hair Repair Potion 130g

15 customer reviews

Weight: 130 gm
Argan oil, Virgin coconut oil, Cocoa butter, Silk protein, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5.

  • Apply a desired quantity onto dry hair or wet shampooed hair.
  • Massage with fingertips starting from roots and working towards the lengths.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes.
  • Wash it off with a mild shampoo or rinse with water if applied after shampoo.

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  1. SNANA HAIR REPAIR POTION is a silicone free conditioner with cocoa butter that provides your hair adequate moisture, smoothness, shine, and luster. Rough, damaged, split ended and brittle hair. Snana hair repair potion is suitable for all hair types both men & women.

    Deep nourishing intense hair conditioner and protein mask enriched with multivitamins for smoother, shinier and stronger hair.


15 reviews for Multivitamin + Silk Protein Hair Repair Potion 130g

  1. Ishika Nair

    As a fellow curly girl, I can’t believe how much this potion has transformed my hair! 👌

  2. Vidya Thomas

    I’ve struggled with dry, unruly curls for ages, but this hair repair potion has been a game-changer! Thank you, Snana Naturals!

  3. Rekha CS

    My curls have never looked so defined and shiny! 🤗

  4. Navya

    Finally, a leave-on conditioner that actually works for my curly hair! This potion is like a dream – it detangles my knots effortlessly and leaves my curls feeling super silky and manageable. My curls have never been happier! 👌

  5. Nandhini

    This hair repair potion has transformed my dry, damaged curls into a glorious mane of bounce and definition.

  6. Vani Joseph

    I feel like a curly hair goddess, thanks to Snana Naturals! 😍


    It’s like a miracle leave-on conditioner that tames my frizz and defines my curls beautifully. I’m in love!👌

  8. Aswini

    It hydrates my curls without weighing them down, and my hair feels so soft and bouncy now.😍

  9. Kiran

    This potion is like magic in a bottle – it nourishes my curls and keeps them looking gorgeous all day. I can’t stop recommending it to all my fellow curlies!

  10. Farida George

    I have fine hair. This repair potion tames hair and maanges my hair well. Recommended👌

  11. Sunitha Menon

    Works well for wavy hair . Better than Livon one which is full of silicones

  12. Sushma Pillai

    Was looking for a natural leave on serum. 😍This one is good

  13. Aparna

    I like this as hair leave on. It would be better with push pump packaging👌

  14. Pooja

    I use it on shower. Once in a while use it on dry hair. Love the finish of both🤗

  15. Anushka

    I’ve tried countless leave-on conditioners for my curls, but none compare to this gem. This potion not only softens my curls but also reduces breakage and split ends. I’m forever grateful for this magical hair savior! 🤗

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